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My review of BSG.

Posted on Monday 10 October 2011

икона за подаръкSo until a few weeks ago, my  Adama was Lorne Greene and my Starbuck was a guy, and all my cylons were vocoded toasters.  I decided to give the new BSG a chance after hearing Mandie on the Geek Guy and Gal podcast talk about it, and hearing the few bits Jen Schwalbach had mentioned on Plus One.

Overall, I loved it.  It was really good scifi, the characters were engaging and it made you care about them.  Edward James Olmos was great as Adama, and even with what I thought was a cop-out ending for her character, I thought Katee Sackhoff was an incredible Starbuck.    I also enjoyed the nods to the original, like bringing Richard Hatch in, and even playing the old school theme as the fleet was sent to their end.

There were a lot of WTF moments, cliffhangers and nights I stayed up way later than I should have just to watch one more episode..  I was totally immersed, I cared about the characters, and even though this may cost me my Man Card, more than a few tears were shed during some of the more emotional moments.  Some hit closer to home than I would have liked, the arc where Hera was “lost” mostly.  Yes, I know it was acting, damn good acting, but you feel some kind of empathy for the situation when you’ve lived it yourself. No my half-cylon baby wasn’t stolen by the president, (Although that would explain a lot about my ex wife.) But when you’ve lost a child its hard to watch certain things.

And yes, I went on the emotional roller coaster that is Gaius Baltar. I loved him, I hated him, I wanted him against the wall with a bullet in his brain, and in the end, he was redeemed for lack of a better term.  I still think he’s a bastard, but some people just choose the easy way out to save their own skin more than we would like to admit to ourselves.

I’m glad they did finally put Rosslyn and Adama together, you could see the building blocks for that fairly early on, and was one of the plot points they took through to its sad, but very touching end.  

With regards to Starbuck, She was complicated. Daddy issues, disciplinary problems, drinking, smoking, risk taking, and somehow ends up as an “Angel” ?  I liked her, I really was hoping her and Lee would have been able to end up on Earth together but I guess I can understand why they did it that way.  Her job was done, she led them to a new home, and fulfilled her purpose for why she came back..  She was one of the most interesting characters, and played a big part in keeping me engaged and yes, I was a big pussy and I cried when she “died” and was all giddy when she came back at the end of S3.

Now for the Cylons.. what is there to say? They made the toasters compassionate characters. I really dug how they had the old school centurions and raiders make appearances, and in the end, you really cared about the cylons (The rebel ones anyway.) Dean Stockwell played the part well even though I kep waiting for him to tell Sam to get ready to leap soon.  Lucy Lawless was great as well, very unexpected seeing her as a blonde after Xena.  Tricia Helfer was.. ok. I dunno, I guess to me she wasnt the huge OMFG LOOK AT PRETTY GIRL eye candy everyone else saw her as.. I liked Six toward the end, though.  It was nicely poetic that her and Gaius got to go off and start their life together.

The unveiling of the final 5 was interesting.  I thought Ellen was a red herring, and that she wouldnt come back, and the last cylon would be someone else in the fleet (My bet was on Starbuck at that time..) But it all tied up and made sense.  Hell, even after they had unveiled all the final 5 I *still* thought Starbuck might be a cylon because of the tie in with the song..

I think in a few months I’ll watch it again just so I can watch the DNA of some of the plots as they develop, and to pick up on anything I may have missed.. Somehow I missed Kat dying, but that might have been one of the “Watching way too fucking late” moments, so we’ll see how it holds up for a 2nd viewing once I cleanse my palate with Breaking Bad, affectionately referred to by The Wing Zombie  as “The wonder years, only with meth.” Which would also explain a lot about Winnie being a slut, alluded to by Adam in the last podcast.

I’ll likely write more on this.. Just wanted to get that out of my brain for now and more will be coming as the story arcs pop back into my head.


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